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Tall, strong individuals who like to get up early in the morning at weekends!

Lou, Carol and Sharon had a practice session recently at putting up the wonderful new gazebo purchased with the grant that SCR received from Sovereign Housing.

It's heavy! All three of us were needed to haul it out of the garage and into the back of the van. So as not to publicly embarrass ourselves, we decided to use Lou's back garden rather than the village green, which then presented another challenge, maneuvering it down Lou's narrow path. But we got there, unpacked all the bits, read through the instructions (all seeming quite straightforward) and got on with it.

After half an hour, accompanied by a fair bit of heaving, puffing and much standing on tiptoes, we were able to pat ourselves on the back and take the celebratory pictures. It's certainly eye-catching and will keep us well protected from the British summer weather, whatever it throws at us. But we will need at least three people at the start of every event to help put it up and at the end of an event to take it down again.

If you can ever spare just an hour at the start and/or finish of an event to assist with this, we would be so grateful. It would be such a shame to have this sturdy gazebo and not be able to use it because there aren't enough helpers. Please contact Lou on 01993 831 279.

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Is there someone out there who would be willing to help us by doing our annual audit for the last financial year?   The audit has to be with the Charities Commission by December 2016.  

 Please contact Sharon, Treasurer if you are able to help us on

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Kevin is a five year old tabby who came into our care last November;  a lady reported seeing him around, living in an old chicken house at the bottom of the garden and contacted Sunshine Cat Rescue.   On checking him over, it was found that he had injuries to his leg and neck from a collar, in which his leg had been caught.   The collar was cutting the skin almost to the bone. 

Kevin was taken to the vets several times, at one point he collapsed and needed lots of tests to see what had caused this to happen. The blood test results showed that the red blood cell level had dropped dangerously low.

After lots of care and attention, Kevin has recovered really well, but still has to visit the vet twice a week for his bandages to be changed and blood tests.   He is a lovely cat, despite everything he is going through.

At the end of January, Kevin’s vet bill was £702.01 and is still rising, so any donations to help cover this cost would be very welcome via the donate button below.


Sunshine Cat Rescue is struggling to find someone to take on the role of Publicity Officer. This is a really easy roll dealing with the media and helping promote the charity and the work we do to the public. It is a committee roll meeting once a month for a couple of hours. Anyone interested should ring Lou on 01993 831279 for a chat. 

The Charity has been incredibly successful since its inception, with the result that there's always lots of work to be done!   We can always make use of more helpers and would welcome some new faces on the team.   Specifically at the moment we really need more Home Visitors (particularly to cover the Bicester area), Fosterers, a Fundraiser, a Treasurer and a Publicity Officer.   

Also, we need helpers who can regularly empty the food donation bins in various locations around the area.

Please call Lou on 01993 831 279 for more information about the available roles.