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Congratulations to the winners of the February 200 Club Draw:
First - Margaret Hauton
Second - Celia Haddon
Third - Judith Hall




Well done all! Get in touch if you’d like to join the club for a chance to win!


We are holding our Animals In Need Day on Sunday 13 August at Beaconsfield Hall, Shipton under Wychwood and wondered if there is anyone out there who could lend us a large marquee for the day - i.e. 25m x 15m - preferably FOC or for a small fee.   Please contact Sandie on 07966 466 201.   Thanks.
Our treasurer's lovely nephew, Ryan, is in training to run his first London Marathon in April, to raise funds for Sunshine Cat Rescue.
   Please visit Virgin Money Giving and make a donation via his fundraising page – Ryan Carbonero.   He’s hoping to raise £5,000, which would be just wonderful.   Thank you all for your support.  

Many of you will remember Kevin.  Kevin has been in the care of SCR since 22 November 2015. He was found straying in rural Oxfordshire with his collar caught around his front leg. He received emergency treatment, for nasty open wounds to his neck and front leg, at Elms Veterinary Surgery and moved to his fosterer in Faringdon shortly after. We held an appeal and so many generous people donated towards the vets fees. It is with great sadness we have to let you know that Kevin died on Monday after his final op to close up the very small remaining hole under his arm.

As you can imagine, everyone at Sunshine and his fosterer and her children are absolutely devastated. The vets are also very upset, as they had worked so hard to get him right and come to know him so well, and were very fond of him

Thank you to everyone that tried to help him, and all you wonderful people who contributed. Kevin was such a brave boy and never complained.  Thank you.

RIP Kevin. x

As upsetting as it is, Kevin’s story typifies the Sunshine Cat Rescue “mission statement” - to relieve the suffering of cats and kittens in need of care, attention and love and to provide and maintain rescue homes and forever homes for the reception, care and treatment of these animals.

I’m just back from spending our VIP Lifelines on cat food at Pets at Home.   If you haven’t already signed up and nominated Sunshine Cat Rescue, please do so – we receive tokens depending on the amount that our supporters spend in their stores.   Thank You!

We still have a few of our lovely calendars left, please contact us if you would like one and we will find a way to get it to you.

Louisa Oliver-Hall who correctly “Guessed The Name” at the Chipping Norton Christmas Shopping Evening recently, with her prize – Orion!

 Thank you everyone who supported us that evening.

Huge thanks to Steve at Cross Embroidery, Banbury, for supplying new polo shirts!   Cheers Steve!   01295 270 555


At our Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, our new local Witney MP, Robert Courts dropped by to say hello! 

Unfortunately due to a technical gremlin, we can't get the latest newsletter onto this site, but you can take a look at it via Facebook.

Our beautiful 2017 calendars are now available to buy at £5.00 each.   We’ll be selling them at the Book Sale at Burford Tolsey on Saturday 22 October and at the Christmas Bazaar in Chipping Norton Town Hall on Saturday 12 November.   If you can’t get along to either of these events and would like a calendar, please contact Sunshine Cat Rescue and we’ll find a way to get one to you.


By signing up for a VIP card with Pets at Home you can nominate Sunshine Cat Rescue as your chosen charity.   Show your VIP card every time you shop at Pets at Home and every 300 Lifelines you collect will be converted into a £1 Pets at Home gift card, or the equivalent value of goods or services or cash, which will be donated to your chosen charity on a quarterly basis - at the end of March, June, September and December. Your chosen charity can use the gift card(s) to pay for goods or services in Pets at Home stores.

To nominate Sunshine Cat Rescue, register or sign in for the VIP card, then click on “Choose Charity”, put Oxford as the home store and then Sunshine is one of the charity options.

Thank you!


Kevin has been in the care of SCR since 22 November 2015.   He was found straying in rural Oxfordshire with his collar caught around his front leg.   He received emergency treatment at ElmsVeterinary Surgery for nasty open wounds to his neck and front leg. He moved to his fosterer in Faringdon shortly after.   He still requires regular treatment and while the wound has now healed on his neck, the leg wound continues to be a problem. Various treatments have been tried including a vest - Kevin didn’t really like that! - and until last week an inflatable blue collar to stop him scratching and licking the wound. Many creams and remedies have been used to encourage healing, but it is proving to be a very slow process. There is one small area under his armpit that is taking a long time to heal so Sophie the vet has decided that he, once again, needs to be bandaged. As you can imagine Kevin isn’t too pleased about that! However, he really is a sweet loving boy despite everything he has been through.

 A recent appeal for help towards Kevin’s medical costs (which currently stand at £1,123.38 this year) raised over £500.00.   If anyone would like to hold a fundraiser or donate towards Kevin’s ongoing vet fees, we would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Dorothy, SCR


Don't forget to book your holidays via   It's easy to do, doesn't cost you any more and Sunshine Cat Rescue can benefit enormously!  

Tall, strong individuals who like to get up early in the morning at weekends!

Lou, Carol and Sharon had a practice session recently at putting up the wonderful new gazebo purchased with the grant that SCR received from Sovereign Housing.

It's heavy! All three of us were needed to haul it out of the garage and into the back of the van. So as not to publicly embarrass ourselves, we decided to use Lou's back garden rather than the village green, which then presented another challenge, maneuvering it down Lou's narrow path. But we got there, unpacked all the bits, read through the instructions (all seeming quite straightforward) and got on with it.

After half an hour, accompanied by a fair bit of heaving, puffing and much standing on tiptoes, we were able to pat ourselves on the back and take the celebratory pictures. It's certainly eye-catching and will keep us well protected from the British summer weather, whatever it throws at us. But we will need at least three people at the start of every event to help put it up and at the end of an event to take it down again.

If you can ever spare just an hour at the start and/or finish of an event to assist with this, we would be so grateful. It would be such a shame to have this sturdy gazebo and not be able to use it because there aren't enough helpers. Please contact Lou on 01993 831 279.


Would you like to give to the rescue?

If you would like to donate a gift to help the cats and Kittens in our care please check out our wishlist by clicking here

Latest News

We're in real need of a Fundraising Officer.   If you’re interested and would like to know more about this role, please ring Lou on 01993 831 279.   Thanks.


Please continue to save your used UK and foreign postage stamps (keeping them separate please!), we are able to sell them on.


Many thanks to Pets at Home Bicester, who have donated a pallet-load of cat litter - very gratefully received!


We're still spending lots of money on food and litter and vets' bills for the cats and kittens in our care  - our expenses are again outstripping our income.   So any donations would be very gratefully received.   Thank you!


There must be plenty of you out there who do your shopping on-line and haven’t yet signed up to ensure that Sunshine Cat Rescue can benefit.   Please take a look at   Retailers make a contribution to your chosen charity when you shop with them – so whether you buy something small or book a holiday, Sunshine Cat Rescue gets a percentage and it doesn’t cost you anything.   Currently we have 32 supporters  who have managed to raise nearly £1,500.00 – surely we can get some more! UPDATE! We have raised £93.99 from April to June. Think of how much more we can raise if we all use this!! Please share!


Sunshine Cat Rescue is now registered with Virgin Money Giving, so you can easily make a donation via their web site:


Thanks everyone for your support!