Here is the lovely 13-year-old Leia! Owing to her diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease and the need for injections we have been unable to rehome her. However, her fosterer is happy to continue caring for Leia as they have become very fond of her. Leia’s list of conditions make it sound as if she has a poor quality of life, but on the contrary she is happy and very easy-going. She loves being outside practising her bird-watching skills – her favourite hobby. She can’t climb much nowadays so her fosterers have built her a little set of steps so she can get up to the sofa or bed. She can’t wash herself very well but loves being brushed and have her paws cleaned. She has a cosy heated bed which helps with her arthritis.
We are looking for sponsors who will help to fund her ongoing medication and vet’s fees. Sponsoring one of our special cats can be for as little as £20 a year or as much as you are able to give. You can do this through the Sunshine Cat Rescue website, following instructions to ‘Sponsor a Cat’. Leia and her fosterers would be so grateful.