This handsome black and white, semi-long haired fellow is Ronnie. He  is such a dear!  He’s about 14 years old and comes to us as his family, through sad circumstances, are not able to look after him any more. He has been loved and well-treated so is affectionate and loves a fuss. He particularly likes being brushed – a good bonding activity!
We have found a great foster home for Ronnie, with dedicated cat lovers who have looked after another of our sponsor cats in the past. He is settling in well and they love him already – Ronnie feels the same!  He likes sitting on their window sill watching the world go by. Of course he hasn’t been outside yet as it’s early days, but he looks very interested in his surroundings. We are hoping he will see out the rest of his days there. There’s plenty of life left in him yet! Could you find a way to contributing a little towards his upkeep?  It would be much appreciated by us all.