This is lovely Ruby! Ruby went to live with her fosterer in May. She’s a splendid looking cat, deep ginger and white with lovely green eyes, but has had quite a traumatic time as well as being 15. She’s had to have most of her teeth removed owing to infections.
On her arrival in her new home she shot into every room and went into hiding. After about 2 hours she reappeared and went to sit on her fosterer’s lap, so that was a good start. She is very fond of sitting on her lap, especially to see ‘Springwatch’ which is her favourite programme. It still doesn’t take much to cause her to hide but she soon goes to her fosterer for reassurance. They have formed a strong bond already.
In their quite large garden Ruby is Queen, seeing off any intruders who are bold enough to trespass on her territory! Also, she thinks tree-climbing is a great sport.
Ruby and her fosterer have given each other great pleasure already and Ruby loves to sleep on her mistress’s bed (naughty!) Could you help with dear old Ruby’s upkeep and vet’s bills? She deserves a quiet retirement with lots of love.