Are you up for a challenge? If so, 14 year old Tazzy is your girl! Sadly, she’s been left on her own as her owner had to go into long-term care, then passed away. Her world was turned completely upside down. Through this interim period, she’s become very nervous and doesn’t take readily to strangers. She’s very possessive about her food and belongings, so woe betide you if you touch her plate when she’s started eating! She’s just beginning to enjoy a stroke, but she doesn’t like other animals. Tazzy would be unsuitable for a home with children as her behaviour is unpredictable. Having said all this, she’d be very rewarding to someone willing to take on the challenge to domesticate her again, and bring out her friendly side.
Could you be that person who would be willing to offer her a loving home, someone who understands cats and their ways? Please don’t be put off by her age as 14 is practically middle aged for cats these days! Tazzy has had all the usual treatments as well as being microchipped, spayed and vaccinated.