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Leo is a beautiful boy- a great big tabby! Sadly, his original owners had to give him up, then he had rather a chequered career before coming into our care. As he is getting on a bit and has an eye problem, he has become one of our special Sponsor Cats. Fortunately, we have found him a wonderful home where he'll have the love and stability he deserves. He's really gorgeous, so friendly and affectionate. He loves a fuss and purrs loudly at the drop of a hat (or toy!) All he needs now is sponsorship! Would you be able to help with his upkeep and vet's bills either by making a one-off donation of a minimum of £35 or a monthly donation of £3 (or more if you can spare it)? We know this is going to be a difficult winter for people, so your support would be particularly appreciated. If you're interested, please visit the Sunshine Cat Rescue website and click on the tab 'Help a Cat' and follow the instructions.

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