Meet the Team

Lou Tyack – Welfare Co-ordinator

I am the Welfare Co-ordinator for Sunshine Cat Rescue. I love reading and gardening when given time but cats have taken over my life for the past 25 years. Horses are my first love but I have no room to keep any here and I am getting too old now to ride.
I was an auxiliary nurse at a local hospital for 13 years which helps with some welfare issues with the cats.

Sharon – Treasurer

I've now been involved with cat rescue charities for 23 years, always as a Home Visitor, as a Secretary for a while and since Sunshine Cat Rescue started, as Treasurer - no-one else would take on the role! Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people and their pets and it's always heartwarming to see the happiness that a pet brings to a family. Apart from cats, my passions include the theatre - just love music gigs, ballet, musicals - and warmth, sunshine, blue skies and sandy beaches. Greece and Italy are favourite places to visit, especially via a cruise ship. I also enjoy history and genealogy and have managed to trace my ancestors back to the Vikings, a soldier in William the Conqueror's army and Alfred the Great!

Sandie Inness – Homing Co-ordinator

I adore all things feline so being involved with a rescue charity is my idea of bliss!

It was back in 2000 that I started volunteering with Lou and the team and then took on the fundraising for 9 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I had a break I was always in the background and loved helping when I could. Fast forward to August 2021 when I started helping Lou with some foster kitties once a week and when an opportunity arose to help with re-homing I jumped at it!

What a great team of Fosterers and Home Visitors we have ensuring we find the right homes for all the cats and kittens that come into our care, making my role very rewarding and I am simply loving it

Julie Stoney – Volunteer Co-ordinator

I’m Julie the volunteer co-Ordinator for fundraising events.
I live in North Oxfordshire with my 3 boys, hubby Mark, Thai our cat and our new addition Alonso who is our 15 week old German Shepherd.
I love recruiting and meeting new people to help with our events and chatting about cats and more cats!
My hobbies include ballet, BodyBalance, weights, roller skating and swimming, both pool and open water. I try to mix up my workouts and I also like to experiment with cooking nutritional meals.
At the moment I am concentrating on training my puppy but give me a cat any day to train, I think it’s easier !!!

Laura Farley – Publicity Officer

I have been Publicity Officer for Sunshine Cat Rescue since 2017.

My role involves planning marketing campaigns to promote the charity and any fundraising events being held. This is mainly done via print and digital advertising coupled with social media campaigns. I have 2 cats, Thor and Venus, and a bearded dragon called Alice. My hobbies include tarot reading Reiki, kick boxing and creative writing.

Crawford Thomson – Handyman

I have lived in West Oxfordshire for forty years. My wife and I are staff to two of Sunshine’s adorable adoptees – Thomas and Holly. They provide constant companionship (when awake). The house would be empty without them.

My background is the management of buildings and facilities. I have managed just about every type of building, but cat pens are a first for me.
I became involved with Sunshine as Handyman in March 2022. I have repaired, fixed, or maintained various pens and outbuildings at Milton-under-Wychwood. There is always something to do.

I like to help whenever and wherever I can and very pleased to accept the role of a Trustee. I look forward to working more and more with the great team that is Sunshine Cat Rescue to provide a great service to our feline friends.