Sunshine Cat Rescue

In 2012 when a national cat rescue charity closed its West Oxfordshire branch, several of the volunteers started Sunshine Cat Rescue. SCR is run entirely by volunteers, totally dependent upon its own fundraising to maintain and run the charity. The charity’s aim is to reduce the suffering of cat/kittens in need of care by providing shelter until new homes are found. While based in Oxfordshire we have no centre and all the felines in our care are with volunteer fosterers who take the animals into their own homes all over the county.

All cats and kittens which Sunshine Cat Rescue cares for are neutered prior to being re-homed. In the case of very young kittens, they are re-homed on condition that the new owner arranges for the kitten to be neutered at the appropriate age. Feral cats which the charity becomes involved with are trapped and neutered before being released back into the area where they were found. Neutering is the most effective way of reducing the number of unwanted cats/kittens roaming the area, thereby helping to provide a safer environment for the general public who are less at risk of coming into contact with potentially aggressive feral and disease-ridden animals.

200 Club Draw Winners

200 Club March Draw Winners
First:  Jenny Chambers;  Second – Celia Haddon;  Third – Lou Tyack

March 16, 2024

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