Puss Puss

Dear Pushka continues along in her own sweet way, sleeping, eating and having mad runs through the house every now and then. She now uses the cat flap and garden with no fear and is no longer terrified by flying things and it’s a joy to see her sitting outside in the sun. I remember her joy at finding herself in a home again when I brought her back from Dorothy’s. She cried all the way and promptly hid for 4 hours after I opened her carrier. I left her alone and she eventually felt brave enough to investigate where she was. She looked around then ran across to me, jumped on my lap and, beaming at me in her cat way, gave the loudest miaow I’ve yet heard before going to explore her new territory. I swear she was saying ‘Thank you’. My daughter worries that I’m getting fanciful in my old age but I’m sure that’s what it was and I shall continue to believe it. She knew she was safe. That was a good feeling for me too- to know that you have made an animal feel safe and happy. * * * This little beauty is 12 and a half year-old Puss Puss. She is a dark mackerel tabby with lovely markings. Her elderly owner was taken ill, then sadly passed away so she’s had a bit of a rough time recently. However, she is now eating well and using the litter tray and is much more relaxed and happy. As she is in her golden years, Sunshine has decided to keep her in permanent foster care so she doesn’t have to move again. She would love to have a sponsor to help keep her in comfort for the rest of her days.